Lunch with the Senior Coordinator for Student Conduct

On Friday, I was able to get lunch with the senior coordinator for the Office of Student Conduct, Emmie Gooch. Emmie is over the University Judiciary and their hearings. (University Judiciary is the student led group that runs alleged student Code of Conduct violation hearings.)

Since I am on University Judiciary, I have worked with Emmie closely over the past few months since she accepted this position. Not only is she one cool girl, she is also from my hometown! We both grew up in Cartersville, Georgia. She even went to school with some of my relatives and graduated in 2000. Emmie used to work for the Department of Recreational Sports which is another division of student affairs. As we were talking over lunch on Friday, I asked her how her experiences with student affairs were and are now that she is in a TOTALLY different facet of student affairs. She said it was hard going from managing recreational sports teams to suspending students. While she managed 43 student organizations previously, she told me that it was great just managing one with student conduct. 

Emmie told me she will be going to a conference next week specifically about conduct and judicial processes at colleges & universities. She said it is a great way to network within student affairs at other schools and see how their conduct procedure is done. The conduct office actually had another school call them and ask about how UGA’s conduct process is and if they could model it after us. Emmie told me the most rewarding thing about her job now is seeing the student development process from the time of the alleged code of conduct violation to when she meets with them several months after and reads the essays they write as a part of their sanctions.

I’ll be blogging about my experiences with student conduct through University Judiciary soon! Keep a lookout for it. 


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