Student Affairs at the Gym

As I was working out the other day at the Ramsey Student Center for Physical Activities (Ramsey for short), I had a realization. All of the logos throughout the gym were labeled “Department of Recreational Sports: A division of student affairs.” 

Like whoah. 

The whole department is a part of student affairs. Going to work out, lift weights, play racquetball, or play soccer out at the IM fields is a part of student affairs. It was so weird to me that it is a part of student affairs but when you think about the definition of student affairs—anything that pertains to student growth and development—the gym is the perfect match. Students get to interact with each other with club sports and get to grow both in their skills and in their maturity.

I’m not certain how Chickering and the student development theories would be applied here and I’m asking for other student affairs professionals to join in on this conversation because I’d like to know!


3 responses to “Student Affairs at the Gym”

  1. Karen Russell says :

    Ramsey’s got to be one of the best things about UGA for students.

  2. Karen Russell says :

    I wouldn’t have known what was included under “student affairs.” 😛

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