LGBT Resource Center at UGA

I recently had the privilege of being introduced to the Director LGBT resource center at UGA. I had no idea that UGA was able to provide support and resources to the LGBT students here, much less it was a unit of student affairs! John Hurst, the director, is such a great guy and is really committed to providing all the resources that are available to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students.

When talking with John, I really felt like he is there for full inclusion of ALL students. Even if they aren’t LGBT. Allies are welcome too! This unit of student affairs caters to a specific group of students, much like the multicultural services and programs office. Events are held in raising support for the human rights campaign, marriage equality, and acceptance in The U.S. There is even a library of books and films dedicated to LGBT topics. They have a student group that is associated with the center that puts on these events, Lamda Alliance. In the South, LGBT issues are a lot different than other states that have already legalized same-sex marriages. I think that it wonderful to have this office for students who need this type of support in their student development.  

Not only does the resource center offer informal counseling and resources, they also offer Safe Space Training. Any student organization or office across campus can be safe space trained. It is a program designed to teach people how to be fully inclusive of all people no matter their race, gender, national origin, religious beliefs, gender, age, sexuality, or gender expression. I think that this is such an important program and every office on campus should be safe space trained because it is really needed in the South.  

The LGBT resource center is located on the 2nd floor of Memorial Hall, right down from the Office of Student Conduct. 


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