Lunch with the Assistant Dean of Students

Working with Student Affairs truly connects you with all the administrators of campus that most students have no idea exist. Many students do not see why they should even meet Student Affairs professionals but…the whole reason why Student Affairs exists is for the students!

Dr. Beau Seagraves worked with me at the Office of Student conduct and last year was offered a position at the Dean of Students Office as Assistant Dean of Students. Beau is a wonderful role model within student affairs and I get lunch with him about once a month. He knows a great deal about my life and I am so grateful that I have him to look up to. I asked him about his career in student affairs and he actually never thought of a degree and a career in higher education! The Assistant Dean of Students didn’t plan to be in student affairs…what?!

Beau started out as a Resident Assistant and then was hired with Housing. Working his way up, he found himself at UGA and the Conduct Office. Making connections and working extremely hard, he’s now at the Deans Office! He gets to work with Dr. Eric Atkinson and Dean McDonald. I told him at lunch that I want his job and he said he would get me the connections within Student Affairs and can always ask for his advice. How cool! 


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