Orientation Live!

I was able to attend Orientation Live this past week, a part of the new student Orientation at UGA. Let me tell you, it was worth my OL friend Conner bugging me all summer to come! Styled to SNL, all of the Orientation Leaders did sketches on what its like to be a new student. All I could think about is how all of that stuff was true. Roommate red flags, SEC rivalries and stereotypes (Flordia Gators wear jorts, Vandy students are snobs, Georgia Tech students are nerds, ect.) It was an hour long show that was well put together. I think it would be so cool to be an OL. It’s super competitive but its the most awesome students UGA has to offer. When I was an incoming freshman, I thought they were celebrities. Definitely the best job ever (second to Campus Transit, of course!)

Although Admissions and Orientation are separate from the division of Student Affairs, other schools organize new student admission under student affairs. Regardless of the organization, orientation and admissions are a vital part of student growth and development as these are the first two things that students go through. It shapes their opinion of the school, the people they meet, the clubs they are introduced to, and everything you could think of. 

Look out for my blog post about Multicultural Services and Programs next week!


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